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East Sussex Wedding Photographer

About Me

I live with my husband and 2 sons in East Sussex, with our two sausage dogs Dinky & Darcy, who, I might add, have a rather impressive following on Instagram! When I'm not photographing weddings and babies I'm photographing all three of them, much to their dismay most of the time! When your hobby is your career you don't really do much else! Well, actually, eating out, I love that.... and do that quite alot!!!

I haven't always been a photographer, I worked in engineering for many years before I went to a friends wedding with my super-duper brand-spanking-new camera that was way too advanced for me and I had no idea how to use (yes, I was one of THOSE wedding guests). I ended up taking photos that the bride and groom fell head over heels in love with, THAT feeling was the start of what is now a very rewarding career, to make others happy with my photography is very, very special.

Since then I have taken multiple courses at the London School of Photography and had weddings featured in a variety of magazines and websites. Making the front cover of Your Sussex Wedding has definitely been a highlight that I'm extremely proud of..... The day I got that call!

Ok, well I think that's enough of me waffling on, but I'd like to just say one final thing.... If you have looked through my portfolio you will have seen that my approach to wedding photography is very relaxed and informal. I photograph a wedding as it happens, I don't create 'moments', I wait for real moments, they are everywhere at a wedding and they are beautiful without my input. I will just document them for you so in years to come, when you look at your wedding photos, you will relive all the emotions you felt on the day as though it was yesterday.....

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