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East Sussex Wedding Photographer


how i work at weddings...

I start my day with you around 2 hours before the ceremony, this gives me plenty of time to capture your morning preparations, focussing on natural moments but also making sure I get some gorgeous detail shots, I totally get how much time, effort and money has gone in to every detail, big or small.  If you're both in the same place that's great, I can grab some time with each of you if you like!

During the ceremony I like to (very discreetly) float around the front if the setting allows, I get totally engrossed in this part and no matter how many weddings I shoot, which I think is around 200 now, I always feel the love as if I know you, like I'm at a friends wedding and it means the world to me to be able to capture that and give to you to keep forever.

Once the nuptials are done its time to celebrate with your family and friends, I spend the majority of this time hovering around in the background, snapping away at you and your guests without you realising. I also like to sneak off to get some shots of the room you've likely dressed so beautifully before you all sit down and make it messy, ha! 

Your couple portraits and family group shots will be done during this time too, but it doesn't tend to take long and is a mixture of natural and posed, all depending on what you'd like of course!

When you get introduced to the room as the newly weds for the first time I'll be right there but will disappear once you all get your food, this is when I'll eat too, but I'll be in and out of the room getting plenty more natural shots in between courses. The speeches are captured in full too, this is my second fav part of the day, the laughter and emotion from the whole room is so enjoyable for me.

During room turnaround I like to get a second lot of portraits if we still have daylight, but its totally unto you if we do this, you may just wish to mingle more or go freshen up and that is totally fine by me, I'll just continue on my journey to become a photography ninja...

Then when the party starts I set up my lights and capture it! Simple as that, when I'm happy I have plenty of shots of not only you dancing but of your guests too I'll come say my goodbyes and head home to get stuck in on your preview album, which you get within a few days of the wedding.

Fast forward 8 weeks and you'll have your full gallery, so time for a big screen and some bubbles...

about me

I live with my husband and 2 sons Henry & Oscar in East Sussex, with our two sausage dogs Dinky & Darcy. We love exploring the woods nearby our house, making our own pizzas and growing our own veg and flowers in the garden.


I haven't always been a photographer, I worked in engineering for many years before I made the jump into full time photography and haven't looked back since.


I adore what I do, I get to go to weddings all the time, who wouldn't love that. Everyone is happy, I get to capture some incredible moments (some of which actually make me cry) but most importantly for me I get to create something for my couple to keep and cherish forever.

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